Small Bathtubs For Your Confined Bathroom Area

Published: 21st March 2011
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Installing a bathtub when you have a limited amount of space can be very tricky. Trying to install a shower stall right next to it can make your project especially challenging, making it even more difficult to place a standard 5' bathtub in a small bathroom. There are options for small bathtubs that one can take advantage of. Bathtubs are generally preferred when one wants to relax for an extended period of time while bathing. There are soaking bathtubs that allow an individual to fully immerse themselves without having to bunch up and are deeper than they are long, even if the idea of a smaller bathtub isn't very appealing with the potentially limited leg space. You would still be able to immerse yourself in a reclining position rather than sliding down into the tub to fully cover yourself. There are walk-in tubs as well that have doors on the side, making it much easier to enter the bathtub in a limited amount of space. These are able to fit into much tighter spaces than other more conventionally sized bathtubs.

If you are looking for a more practical use of space, then occupying a corner with your bathtub can be a good idea as well. Available space can easily be maximized for bathroom design projects with corner bathtubs that still allow an individual to bathe properly and comfortably. Because they are installed in corners, a corner bathtub can be situated under a window on either side and installed in curved or angled spaces. It is easier to move about in the bathroom and clean when necessary as these bathtubs are typically built-in. A deck is usually featured on this kind of tub where you can place your cosmetics and bathing essentials such as shampoos, soaps, and oils. You can place decorative items on the ledge to make your bathing space more relaxing, being placed under a window. They can be fitted between cabinets and vanities that are already in the bathroom and a considerable amount of space can be saved.

A preferable option can be the bathtubs used by the Japanese if rather than cleansing, you are looking for a bathtub that is primarily for relaxation and need one that allows you to do so in a limited space. Bathtubs in the United States are constructed differently than what you would see in Japanese bathtubs. A Japanese tub is fashioned to accommodate a person sitting down, rather than sliding into it and can allow for a person to be full immersed up to the chin. As the importation of these tubs adds on to their price, there are local brands that manufacture similar styles.

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